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We absolutely adore the outdoors.  Hiking, fishing, camping and just stargazing. When we met it truly was a blessing and still is because we enjoy the same things. We have raised 6 beautiful children who are now all adults, and that in itself requires survival skills.  They too enjoy the outdoors.


For the last 30 years, we have maintained a home right outside of Joshua Tree, California.  We have a homestead on 5 acres of land.  We have the honor of meeting campers every week, as we are hosts of the Watering Hole, a campground listed on ​www.hipcamp.com​. We get to see the challenges that new campers face and offer solutions to them that are based on our experience.  We enjoy meeting each and every guest that we host.  We like sharing our experience and survival skills.


On our homestead, we have 2 dogs, Izzy and Charlie, 2 cats, Ashe and Panther.  We also have 7 ducks, 4 chickens and 2 pigs.  Our guests really enjoy the fresh free-range eggs. 

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About Josephine and Sam

We continue to enjoy camping and love our little outdoor adventures that we took a road trip to see the Four Corner States, and let me tell you, that was truly an adventure, especially in January! We packed up all of our camping gear and headed out.  We would pull over and break out the camping stove so I could cook up our meals, and stayed at Hip Camps along the way.  We enjoyed the sites at the Grand Canyon, and got real familiar with reading road maps as the cell phone service was either spotty or non existent.  That was an AWESOME adventure, hahaha. 


Being outdoors is one of the best things to us because we are one with nature, not depending on electronics or other things that may distract us from the beauty surrounding us.  Making a fire, enjoying each other's company, feeling the cool breeze of the ocean or just the peace and silence from fishing and looking up to the stars really puts things in perspective.  We are only here one time, get out and enjoy what has been so freely given to us, the opportunity to enjoy nature!

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